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Center for Interdisciplinary Medical Checkup

The demand for medical check-ups is steadily increasing both for Austrian and foreign patients. Checkups are usually carried out in private clinics, but increasingly also in the registered doctor's sector. The main advantage of clinics lies in their good infrastructure, while significantly higher costs are the main disadvantage. Registered doctors can usually offer checkups at a cheaper price, sometimes however at a lower quality and inferior infrastructure.

Our aim is to create a hybrid situation, which uses the advantages of both sectors and avoids disadvantages. In other words, medicine at a high professional standard, tailored to the individual needs of the patients and organized through a local network, is offered at a reasonable price.

At the centre of this concept is the medical practice “Praxis am Stubenring”, Rosenbursenstrasse 8/3/7, 1010 Vienna, where basic examinations and (part of the) checkup are performed, findings are discussed and therapies are planned by the general practitioner resp. medical specialist.

We offer 1 basic module (standard package) and 7 extension modules:

  1. Standard package—preventive checkup:
    • Review of the patient's medical history (anamnesis), risk profile, review of vaccination status, body fat measurement with BIA analysis/Futrex, determination of blood pressure, ECG
    • Complete physical examination
    • Complete laboratory (blood analysis, chemistry, blood coagulation, urine, HIV I+II, hepatitis B, C, thyroid levels)
    • Ultrasound abdomen incl. kidneys
    • Final meeting with discussion of findings and recommendations If the basic checkup reveals the need for further examinations, these have to be paid separately.
  2. Gastroenterological package (extension module) incl. forceps polypectomy:
    • Gastro + colo (incl. histo and anaesthesia)
    • Gastro + colo (incl. histo and anaesthesia) + loop polypectomy
      • Part of the recommended preventive checkup for men > 45a and women > 50a
      • For patients with complaints (blood, diarrhoea, constipation, abdominal pain, …)
      • pos. family anamnesis
      • Specific laboratory values (CEA, CA19-9)
  3. Gender Check:
    • Women from the age of 45: Gynecologial examination, PAP, mammography and ultrasound Hormone status, bone density
    • Men from the age of 45: Urological checkup, PSA, prostate—ultrasound, prostate examination
  4. Cardio checkup:
    • Cardiological examination, ergometry, echocardiogram, carotis duplex
    • Calcium score, special laboratory: BNP, Troponin, D-Dimer
  5. Brain examination:
    • Laboratory values, MR brain, carotis duplex, neurology
  6. Thyroid checkup:
    • Endocrinoloy, ultrasound, scintigraphy if necessary
  7. Pulmo check:
    • Consultation, pulmonary function, lung x-ray (C/P)
  8. Tailored Body Scan:
    • MR skull and brain, carotis duplex, CT lung or C/P, Ca Score
    • US abdomen MR abdomen

Depending on the examination results, further examinations and/or interventions may be required, which are charged as per our price list.

Extension modules with the exception of endoscopy may only be booked in combination with the standard package. It is also possible to opt for the standard package and book an extension module during the following 12 months.

If several modules are selected and some of the services offered in these modules overlap, the examinations are performed only once. Further price reductions are not possible in such a case, as the module prices offered are already substantially reduced.

During the examinations and consultations, every patient is professionally attended to by a qualified healthcare professional with an excellent knowledge of the individual language (German, English, Russian).

During the final meeting with the general practitioner or specialist the original of the doctor's letter (in German) is handed out to the patient. A translation of this letter is sent to the patient by electronic mail (internet) a few days later.

We are happy to welcome you to our Exclusive Interdisciplinary Health Checkup in Vienna. We make sure that you enjoy your life longer healthy and actively.

If you have any special wishes outside the scope of our modules, we will be pleased to prepare an individual proposal for you.