Dr. Thomas Winkler

Specialist in surgery
Specialist in visceral surgery

I'm not just a surgeon, but above all a doctor and human beingyour confidant  and your health coach

As a specialist in surgery and visceral surgery I have specialized in reflux, thyroid, rectal and colon diseases, hernias and tumors in the abdomen.

In my practices and in various private clinics, I have been accompanying my patients personally and holistically for more than 15 years—from advice on prevention and smart diagnostics to tailor-made therapies and, if necessary, surgical interventions according to the latest standards.

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Back to the quality of life

For months I was sent from one doctor to another. My complaints were not taken seriously and no one could help me, I was desperate. I knew something was wrong! Dr. Winkler then confirmed my suspicion, took my complaints seriously and in a very short time everything was thoroughly clarified and I was operated on! I can recommend without hesitation to anyone who has doubts that they should visit Dr. Winkler can trust! He's done an amazing job, taking the time to ask questions and clarifying, and taking care of his patients! I finally have my quality of life back!

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Take your time, listen and conversations in a relaxed atmosphere break some barriers.

Multimodal therapy approach with early involvement of other specialist disciplines and / or alternative treatments

Health means more joy in life: Health = feeling good = satisfaction. Your health is in your own hands and close to my heart!