Lockdown, SARS CoV-2, COVID-19, Corona—what changes in the process?

Dear patient!

Even in times of lockdown, we are very concerned about your well-being and your health!

We understand the uncertainties due to the current recommendations in dealing with the coronavirus. Our ordination is a medical facility in which strict hygienic measures always apply!

The deadlines therefore all remain the same! In order to offer you the greatest possible security, we take additional measures. Appointments can only be made by telephone in advance. I continue to carry out planned medical investigations, endoscopies (gastroscopy, colonoscopy),
Operations and, of course, acute examinations, provided there is no fever, severe cough and the resulting shortness of breath or typical signs of a possible coronavirus infection or a positive corona test.

If you prefer not to keep the agreed appointment in the current situation, I would ask you to send it early by e-mail () or better by calling + 43 676 402 01 22. In exceptional cases, I can offer an ordination by telephone with a discussion of the findings and therapy planning. Assignments and prescriptions are then sent by post. Other documents can also be sent by email with your permission.

If the situation changes and visits to the doctor's office, endoscopies, but also operations become an increased risk from a medical point of view, I will contact you immediately, to inform you about the situation, how to proceed and possible options and offer you an alternative date.

The currently rapidly changing situation of the measures ordered around SARS CoV-2 should lead to each and every one of us assuming personal responsibility and thus not exposing our fellow human beings or ourselves to any danger

I run a elective doctor's practice that does not look after obviously infectious patients.

My team is required to lead the person concerned out of the ordination immediately with the slightest suspicion of an infection and to point them to the known telephone number 1450.

I have organized the operation in such a way that many people are never together in a confined space at the same time, so that the overall risk of infection is kept as low as possib

  • The entire team refrains from shaking hands
  • We ask you to wash your hands for at least 30 seconds when you enter the ordination rooms and then to disinfect them with the disinfectant we have provided
  • We have set up additional chairs in the entrance area (patient distance more than 1.5 m).
  • I ask you to forego accompanying persons if possible in order to keep the number of people in the ordination low.
  • Please arrive punctually (not too early) for your appointment in order to avoid crowds in the waiting area.
  • Hand disinfection is standard with us, as is the cleaning and disinfection of our accessories.
  • The door handles, the registration area and the toilets are disinfected at regular intervals.
  • Despite the worldwide sensitivity to the pandemic, I would like to continue to offer you my medical help.

Your Dr. Thomas Winkler